Alexa meet Sonos

If you’re anything like us – we love our Sonos system. It’s changed how we listen to music and opened our ears to new tunes every day. For instance today we had some BB King, Iggy Pop, and Kenny Burrell playing in different rooms at the same time. Sure it’s an eclectic mix, but hey variety is the spice as they say.  Well after a long time in development Sonos is now supporting integration with the Amazon Echo and Alexa. Sure you can buy a new Sonos 1 with built-in Alexa but if you already have a Sonos and Echo let’s get to it!

Make sure you’re running the latest Sonos software and then add the Sonos skill to Alexa by way of the Alexa app on our iOS device. She will scan your location and find all of your Sonos speakers (we all have more than a single speaker…). Once added the first trick we realized was to “ungroup” all of our rooms in Sonos.  If you leave grouping on, whatever you ask Alexa to play in a single room she will play across the group of that room.

Example: Alexa play BB King in the media room.  If the media room is grouped with the kitchen and living room, Alexa plays BB across all 3 rooms.

So now we’ve added the skill and we say “Alexa play BB King in the media room” and there you go! Alexa plays a mix of BB King in the media room (Amazon Prime is a big plus here). Well, let’s say you wanted to have Alexa play BB everywhere, here’s how to do that

Go into the Alexa app navigation and navigate to the section Smart Home and there you will see Groups. Select Create Group and you will see your list of Sonos speakers that she added when you first installed the skill. Select all of the speakers and give them Group name – we chose Everywhere because it made sense. Save your new Group and then just say “Alexa play BB King Everywhere”.

That was pretty easy! Oh and if you have a registered Sonos product look for an email with a $25 discount on a Dot echo so what’s not to try!