Big Strokes: A Beginner’s Guide to Sweep Picking

We love coming across a guitar lesson that is both interesting and useful – and what’s more useful than building chops? In this lesson on Sweep picking, we get a good understanding of the value of the technique and how it is used across many different genres. Guitarists often use the technique to play arpeggios at high speed.Unlike pianos, woodwinds, and many other instruments, the guitarist can change the key by moving the same arpeggio shape up and down the fretboard (one of the reasons we love to play guitar!).

Jazz players such as Les Paul (yes he was jazz), Barney Kessel and Tal Farlow, would use the approach in their improvisations, and country guitar genius Chet Atkins was known to eschew his signature fingerstyle hybrid-picking technique from time to time and rip out sweep-picked arpeggios, proving that the technique is not genre specific.

Source: Big Strokes: A Beginner’s Guide to Sweep Picking