Breakfast Sandwich?

Yay or Nay?

The Japanese haven of deliciousness Mr. Donut has seen fit to create some of the tastiest-looking breakfast creations this side of bacon and eggs, and they can be yours if you head to the chain in Japan, because we don’t have any in America. And it’s not fair. Mr. Donut’s latest creations include baked pies, frankfurter pie and tuna melt toast, but also breakfast sandwiches made with amazing, fresh donuts instead of bagels or bread. Say it with me now: Delicious!

The Savory Ham and Egg Sandwich Donut is exactly what it sounds like, with a slice of ham and egg salad inside of a donut. You could alternatively get ham and cream cheese or ham and tuna if you decide, but why mess with the classic ham and egg mixture? It’s the most aesthetically pleasing, too.

Each breakfast donut sandwich costs about $1.60, which is a lot cheaper than most other sandwiches you can purchase at fast food restaurants and places of that ilk. The pies are a little more expensive, but still not bad when you think about how much food you’re getting with it all. You can also make them all as part of the Mr. Donut “C Set” for a couple more bucks and take home a drink with it all.