WTF?!: Liquify instead of Cremate

Alright, we’re going to create a new weekly on Saturday and just call it WTF (unless Marc Maron tells us we need to stop. Our first WTF – evidently it is far less expensive to have your loved ones remains liquifed and used as some sort of fertilizer (or flushed) than it is to be buried or even cremated. Evidently, the cost is less than $2K for liquification (spell check says that’s not a word – so off to Urban Dictionary) vs. the thousands of dollars for the other alternatives. They say it ain’t easy being green – and it doesn’t get any greener than this – almost a Soylent Green

There’s a famous Bruce Lee quote that finishes with “become like water, my friend.” Some funeral homes are taking that advice quite literally nowadays. They’re turning human remains back into water, like Alex Mack or an old Capri Sun commercial. For several years now, the funeral business has been […]