MOTD: Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore Auditorium on 1-8-1966

How about some Acid Test action? Music of the Day brings you the Acid Test at the Fillmore on 1-8-1966. We all know that the Grateful Dead started out as the house band for the Acid Tests – so let’s get a little bit of a taste!

The Music

Stage Chaos/More Power Rap, King Bee, I’m A Hog For You Baby, Caution: Do Not Step On Tracks >Death Don’t Have No Mercy, Star Spangled Banner/closing remarks.

Tasting Notes

Notice how we start with some good old fashion Stage Chaos! If you’ve ever altered your perspective you can imagine the form of chaos going on! Couple that with some lack of power and we’ve got the making for a grand old time.  Make no mistake that in 1966 this was PigPen’s band.  He’s large and in charge for sure. We get a couple of songs and then everything breaks down into a puddle of noise.  Clearly, the Grateful Dead passed the test!

Enjoy the weirdness of the Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore Auditorium on 1-8-1966