MOTD: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 10-13-2017

Music of the Day is bringing a just-released treat from JRAD – Live at The Brooklyn Bowl on 10-13-2017 with Special Guest John Mayer sitting in on several tunes.  It’s everything you want in a JRAD show and getting to hear Mayer play with them is interesting too!

The Music

Set I

Jam -> Greatest Story Ever Told >Candyman, Feel Like A Stranger ->Crazy Fingers, Cosmic Charlie ->Jam*->Althea*

Set II

Jam ->Here Comes Sunshine + ->New Minglewood Blues, Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion >Jam-> Lazy Lightning ->China Doll->Marco Solo ->There is a Mountain->I Know You Rider, Encore: Marco Solo ->Such A Night*->Franklin’s Tower*

*With John Mayer

Tasting Notes

Strong show here from JRAD with lots of great improv play from Scott and Tom, Dave and especially Joe.  For us, the standout play is from Marco. Never one to be content to roll up and down the keyboard and just add some arpeggio play, he is breathing energy and life into each song on top of Joe’s great play and the feel from Scott and Tom – its an all around perfect storm of Jazz/Rock musicians brought together to make each of our favorite tunes live again. They aren’t covering the dead they are making music. These Boys know how to get us to a peak and then peak again before a nice cool down…leaving us to ask “who has an extra for the next show?”

Getting to hear John Mayer sit in on Althea, Such a Night and Franklin’s was kind of cool too.

Enjoy Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 10-13-2017