MOTD: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Live at Red Rocks 8-31-2017

Today on Music of The Day we’re bringing you a glorious 24-bit recording of JRAD Live from Red Rocks on 8-31-17. We’re getting ready for their run over at The Capitol this weekend and just want to get in the groove!

The Music

Set I

Jam -> Here Comes Sunshine ->Ruben & Cherise ->Jam ->Mama Tried, New Speedway Boogie ->Music Never Stopped Reprise -> New Speedway Jam -> Music Never Stopped Jam ->Dancing In The Streets-> New Speedway Reprise->Box Of Rain, He’s Gone & ->Truckin’ ->Born Cross-Eyed Jam

Set II

Jack Straw > Feel Like A Stranger->Harry Hood Jam->China Cat Sunflower ->The Eleven ->The Wheel-> There Is A Mountain->I Know You Rider, Greatest Story Ever Told, Morning Dew, Encore: We Bid You Goodnight

Tasting Notes

Well After you get through the opening Jam this just takes off. While many would be satisfied with the first set as an entire show, we get a great second set as well! Here’s is what we would consider a defining example of breathing new life into our favorite music, high energy, and keen improv play. A bunch of guys with big ears and chops to stand up to the jam expectations and knock it out of the park.  If you don’t know JRAD – then we suggest you take notice!

Enjoy JRAD Live at Red Rocks 8-31-2017