Scotch vs. Bourbon vs. Rye: A Complete Guide to Whiskey Varieties

As always our hero Ron Swanson has said it best. So when you’re about to take the plunge and graduate from a shot or a beer it pays to know what you’re going to order.  Clearly, you don’t want something with sugar around the rim as (what would Ron say to that).  Starting with the premise that not all Whiskey is Scotch and Scotch is never Rye (wtf is Rye it sounds like something an old guy drinks). Step up and order with confidence after giving this a read.

Preferences aside, everyone can stand to get educated when it comes to the brown stuff. If you don’t know your Kentucky bourbon from Japanese whiskey, allow yourself to be immersed in this article before you immerse yourself in booze. Pro tip: read this in Alec Baldwin’s voice for an aurally delightful time. Actually, you should probably do that anytime you read anything. Here we go.

Get up out of your seat and look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? An accomplished whiskey drinker who can tell the origins of a bottle by its color? Or an amateur who wouldn’t be able to differentiate the cheap stuff from a bottle of Yamazaki […]