TGDH: Grateful Dead Live at Fox Theatre on 10-28-1985

Today in Grateful Dead History we’ve selected a show from 1985 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta Ga. Why this show – well there were some not-so-usual tunes played this night. We start the night with a First Set Sugaree opener into a cover of Kansas City by Little Willie Littlefield that the Band played a total of 3 times (Bobby did play it subsequently with Rat Dog).

The Second Set opens with a Scarlet and the end jam builds nicely and then settles down we’re waiting to hear the familiar mutron notes of Fire and Phil taking us up the mountain. Instead, we get a surprising Touch of Grey! Other highlights in the set include Terrapin (always a highlight) and a short Jam called Bob Jam – which sounds a bit like Bobby having a jam with Billy and Micky which then takes us into Drums. Last but not least for the unusual we get a Day Job encore!

Enjoy TGDH Grateful Dead Live at Fox Theater on 10-28-1985

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