TGDH: Grateful Dead Live at Miami Arena 10-25-1989

Welcome to Today in Grateful Dead history! While it would be easy to just keep pulling shows from the October 1980 run at Radio City, we decided to skip forward a few years and list to the Band in the later part of 1989.  Some of the key points for us include a first Set Sugaree which is sure to bring a smile to the face of any Tour Veteran off the 1980’s! Cold Rain was a surprise in the middle of the Set (more familiar as an opener) and well played.

What stands out for us in this show is a stellarPlaying>UJB>Plaing in the second set.  It’s Magic and you can hear they are all clearly into playing Uncle John’s with Bobby give it a good of fashion holler! We also love the soul-searchingGimme Some Lovin-> Wharf Rat out of Space, hanging on the lyrics and hoping Jerry can find his Bonnie Lee.

Enjoy The Grateful Dead Live at Miami Arena on 10-25-1989