TGDH: Grateful Dead Live at Miami Arena on 10-26-1989

Today in Grateful Dead History we bring you another night from the Miami Arena, 10-26-1989. This recording, mastered by Charlie Miller, is a fantastic quality soundboard. Jerry is not in his finest voice, however, he makes up for it with his fingers. The first notes include a Foolish Heart opener and Me & My Uncle -> Big River. The later which has great energy and plenty of those awesome Jerry Big River licks. At times we feel like we’re going around a racetrack – Phil setting the pace and Jerry chasing him down!  The First set ends with a rousing Don’t Ease – it’s quick, it’s simple and it’s on to the Second Set.

Set Too starts off with some recorded tuning, and while giving them a listen, you can certainly hear elements of the magic soon to come! We start with an Estimated that is cool and grooving along until it begins to space a bit. Jerry using some midi play to add different textures to the tonal palate. From Estimated we move into a Blow Away. Brent whipping us into a frenzy with his vocal riffing and singing as if he’s feeling every word of the song. When he shouts “Wait a minute” the Band stops on a dime and we hear some hauntingly familiar notes…Dark Star.

Let’s stop here and you can just press play below – tell us what you think of

TGDH: Grateful Dead Live at Miami Arena on 1989-10-26