Entertainment Thursday: Walking Dead Recap: Episode 1 Season 8

Well, we’re not going to recap the entire episode of the Walking Dead season premiere in this spot.  We’re only going to say that how can Rick pick off a Zombie with 1 headshot from 5 feet and yet he ***SPOILER ALERT*** can’t seem to hit Negan with a machine gun? OK maybe we’re thinking too hard here and not getting carried away by the entertainment – but C’mon!

Of course, we get the obligatory our of sequence visions of Old Rick and Crying Rick and who knows what that will bring.  So we’re going to watch the entire season and decide if it’s a thrill ride or just a big lead in for Season 9. Oh and for everyone one that watches Talking Dead it almost feels like the this is the actual show – a fanboy love fest – and that the Walking Dead is just the filler content.

What did you guys think?